Interested in Wild Treasures?

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Interested in Wild Treasures?

Post by Korillo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:12 pm

Wild Treasures is a competitive raiding guild on the Phinigel Server. Our focus is on raiding all current content quickly & efficiently, while having fun in the process. We have been a top raiding guild on Phinigel since the server's inception on Dec 9, 2015 under the name "Asylum of Shadows". You can see our server first accomplishments here. With the change in name & leadership, we will be continuing our history of raiding at a high level. Our members & leadership have a long resume of clearing server-first content throughout multiple TLPs.

Our raids begin forming at 8:15 PM EST, and start at 8:30 PM EST on Weekdays. Raids will begin forming at 5:45 PM EST, and start at 6:00 PM EST on Weekends. We raid until we are done, but when an expansion is on farm mode you can expect to be finished before Midnight, usually earlier. We use a Silent Bidding DKP System to distribute loot. All members earn DKP Hourly, and can freely bid that DKP on any item they wish to purchase. The winner will be the highest bidder, and win the item for the 2nd highest bid + 1 DKP.

Scheduled & Announced raids will always be mandatory. We are a raiding guild, so if you are online, we expect you to be raiding with us. We will also have optional raids from time to time. While you are not required to attend these, we highly encourage it, as it is a great way to gear up and a tremendous amount of fun!

To remain a full member of the guild, members must maintain a raid attendance above 40% for both 30 & 60 days. Failure to do so will result in being demoted to Friends & Family, and you will have to re-apply if you wish to continue raiding with us.

The application period will take approximately 3 weeks. After 2 weeks, members will be able to vote on your application. If the vote is successful, you will be promoted to a full member. Officers will always be available for applicants to talk to, should they ever have any questions or concerns. We want applicants to succeed. We will do our best to not only ensure we like playing with you, but that you enjoy playing with us.

To apply to Wild Treasures, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be Level 70
  • Minimum of 200 well spent AAs
  • The ability to use teamspeak. Having a microphone is preferred
  • All spells/disciplines from past expansions
  • Good knowledge & understanding of your class
Recruitment is currently open for all classes. If you are interested in applying, please submit an application on our forums, and contact Execute or Ahze in game. Our application template can be found here.