Ring My Bell!

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Ring My Bell!

Post by Qelyn » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:22 pm

Hello all you lovely people out there in radio land! I know it's been a healthy minute since everyone has seen an update on what Wild Treasures has been up to, so I'm back and better than ever to let you know!

The same thing we've been doing since day 1; being the #1 raiding guild on this server!

That's right, Dragons of Norrath and Depths of Darkhallow were all server first clears for the good guys!

However, with Prophecy of Ro looming on the horizon, and Daybreak deciding that it would rather roll around in that sweet new TLP server money than help make sure it's most popular TLP to date continues to stay that way, we were expecting a Civil War as multiple guilds made pacts and alliances in an attempt to help them get into Deathknell first. However, #TeamIronMan, spearheaded by Wild Treasures new mother, Execute, soundly defeated #TeamCaptainAmerica.

It was a great fight with the usual suspects (and antics), however due to no AoC's or mobs spawning in instances that drop necessary key pieces in order to progress, the end of the race was incredibly anti-climactic as we firmly and decisively kept the title of number one. Great job everyone!

Here's a nice little picture of the ragtag bunch of misfits that made this all possible:
EQ000069.jpg (180.4 KiB) Viewed 494 times
And now for everyone's favorite portion of the updates, QUOTES! Now with DOUBLE the fun! Enjoy!
Screenshots.jpg (253.3 KiB) Viewed 494 times
Screenshots 2.jpg
Screenshots 2.jpg (182.75 KiB) Viewed 494 times
And as always, we are on the look out for those that want to be part of the best! So feel free to either check out our recruitment section, or drop a line to Execute or Ahze in game! We'll see you all in TSS!